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9/26/23   about page is finally finished and has a completely new look!! girlfriend's page also got a fix up

8/31/23   the main page got a HUGE and MUCH needed revamp!!! :D progress on about page has now begun :]

7/3/23   added a few buttons and temporarily removed the gallery from my art page since it's still a little buggy

6/25/23   cursor added to not_found page

6/20/23   wife's page (temporarily?) done and not_found.html was updated

6/18/23   my art page is finally being worked on! currently adding art. the dummy text is still there but i plan to work quickly on getting rid of it eventually

6/17/23   update page re-arranged to be easier to read and about page is finished! music page finally has a layout that works and got some music on there. progress on my page for my gf finally started as well! :)

6/16/23   worked a lot on my about page and will continue work later or tomorrow ^_^

6/15/23   more buttons added and about page is finally being tweaked and experimented on! also added a new page and reformatted the link bar a little. and favicons were added :3

6/14/23   some buttons added, site played around w/, and new home added!

6/7/23   MASSIVE overhaul!! gosh, here's a list! i mighta missed a few:
- custom cursor added
- marquees stop when hovered over
- TONS of buttons added
- neko added REMOVED 6/16/23
- update page changed to be in iframe
- all links now direct to a page
- cursor sparkle dust
- falling snowflake animation

6/6/23   fonts added to maine page; header and background image finally settled on; added links; buttons added to top bar!