my memory isn't very good, but i believe me and kaine first met on a roblox game in 2019 through a mutual.
   it wasn't much at first, at least not noticeable. we played games together a lot, bonded over our shared musical interests (electronic music), vented to each other, etc. i slowly started to feel myself drift towards her as time went on
   i initially was a little scared when i realized i was falling in love. i was freaking out!!!!! because 1) WHY would such a pretty woman fall in love with ME a little dumb puppy and 2) what if this is all in my head!! what if i just have a bad attachment style!!! i restrained myself from telling her about how i felt about her for a looong time, partially on purpose and on accident
   finally, i just couldn't Not tell her anymore.
   i confessed my love to her one day on discord. i wasn't really expecting her to love me back, i just admitted how i felt because it felt like it was weighing on my shoulders and YOLO. to my surprise, she reciprocated. And. well.

   as in what i love about her, lol
   god idk how to even vocalize what i love abt her without going all over the place and making my adhd REALLY fuckin obvious, lmfao. definitely one of my favorite things about her is how funny she is. she's one of the funniest people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting. idk why cos we're always cracking stupid ass jokes to each other, but she somehow always manages to make me laugh and smile. it's like she just instinctively knows what'll make me go teehee
   another thing i absolutely love abt kaine is how kind and understanding she is of me. not a lot of people seem to really Get me due to how much of a mess i am of mental illness and trauma, but with her, she already knows what's up and it's just so... wonderful. i love it when she comforts me when i'm stressed and whenever she is there for me when i really need her, and i do the same for her when she's not feeling well. she's so patient i just skfldsfklsamf IT MAKES ME HAPPY:DDD it really feels like she cares about me and it makes me gush and feel so safe
   i also adore her music and fashion taste. we overlap a lot in these 2 areas since i'm also into goth fashion and emo shit. we're also both huge fucking dorks for electronic artists like aphex twin and emma essex. autism HEAVEN with our interests in general honestly. music sharing is one of our main ways communicating with each other other than talking, obvi x3
   the games we've played the most with each other has been tower battles, critical tower defense, and the vibe cafe. outside of roblox, we've played portal 2 co-op, which was fun :)
   her Favorite games r cs:go, trackmania, quaver, and wadanohara and the great blue sea. she and forza horizon have unfortunately divorced! =(
   what is kainecore, you're probably-asking-maybe-not? well, it's basically stuff that makes me think of my cute and gorgeous and sexy wife
   things that make me think of her r like, cats, bats, kuromi (sanrio), homura (pmmm), chen (touhou), queen chrysalis (flufflepuff), yuuri (glt), mayura, and more! i also tend to associate colors with her. if u can't tell by her page already, those colors are black, red, and white, lol.
   the music in the provided music player is also very much kaine moment. please give it a listen, her taste in music is stellar and unique :3